Get to know Samantha, our Creative Director and Founder of Hooked By Design

Artist. Visionary. Graphic Designer. Branding Consultant. Friend. Colleague. Business Partner. Coffee Drinker. Dreamer. Traveler. Talker. Lover of Anything Coral. A Sucker for Good Designs. Animal Lover. Always in Search of A Good Book To Get Lost In. Thinks Girly Time is Most Necessary. 

"With years of experience in the advertising and designing field, we opened our doors in 2013 and it's been an adventure ever since. Originally we started as a graphic design studio, but we realized just how much we enjoy the branding and identity part of marketing, so we decided to combine it with our love of design, thus making us a graphic design studio with a major focus on branding & identity."

Art has always been a passion for Hooked By Design's Samantha Turcios, and anyone who knows her work can see the thought and passion that goes into each design. Whether she's been drawing, painting, hand lettering, writing stories, or just letting imagination run wild with ideas and concepts, she's always been into the artsy side of things. 

She graduated from Murray State University in KY, USA, after studying the art of graphic design, with a bachelor of Science in Advertising and the Arts.